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Please visit the website WWW.SETTINGTHESTAGE.NL. This site was custom made for my project on North Korea. You will find more details on the book and film/360 video's


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Mondriaan Fonds

"Setting the Stage: Pyongyang North Korea" project got the generous support from the Mondriaan Fund to take part with a group exhibition at the Seoul Museum of Art (SEMA).

Website: Mondriaan Fund


Setting the Stage in South Korea!

"Setting the Stage" was part of the NK Project at the Seoul Museum of Art

For the 70th National Liberation Day, Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) presented an exhibition that passed through Korean historical and nationalistic tasks of independence, division, and unification, with ‘North Korea’ as its artistic keywords. See the website of the museum: SEMA



Interview about "Setting the Stage" at NPO radio 1.

Short interview by Mieke van der Weij and Peter de Bie.

Audio clip at: NPO NEWSRADIO



A Theatrical city

Article by Oliver Wainwright for The Guardian with images by Eddo Hartmann:

The Pyonghattan project: how North Korea's capital is transforming into a "socialist fairyland".“Let us turn the whole country into a socialist fairyland!” urges another of this year’s official slogans. From the top of the Juche Tower, a gigantic candle-like obelisk that stands beside the river in the centre of Pyongyang, the capital does indeed unfold as a fairytale landscape – a sea of pastel-coloured apartment blocks, painted in chalky pinks and yellows, baby blue and teal, punctuated by lush green parks, and with a variety of futurist forms poking up on the horizon

See the full text at: The Guardian


NOS online


Dutch photographer has premiere in North Korea! First public photo exhibition by Eddo Hartmann of work made in Pyongyang and other portfolio work made in Europe. See NOS: NOS NEWS FLASH


Setting the Stage in TIME magazine!

"See the Monumental Extravagance of North Korea's Architecture".

A short article by Richard Conway in the lightbox section of TIME magazine:

"There is a theatricality in Hartmann’s stillness: a woman appears to hide behind a foyer pillar, two speakers look poised to broadcast a state-approved announcement. And yet the photographer doesn’t seem to want us to slam what we are seeing, nor to praise it. Instead, he calls attention to the global fascination with a country, and a city, that remains largely a mystery".

See the full text at: TIME


Setting the Stage: Pyongyang

Exhibition at Museum "Huis Marseille" Amsterdam

March 14, 2015 / june 7, 2015. Setting the Stage: Pyongyang.

Setting the Stage is a collaboration between Eddo Hartmann and Koryo Studio, which specializes in Korean art.

In this exhibition of evocative images Hartmann captures the endeavour to shape the ultimate socialist city and the lives of the people in it. Both the speed at which the city was constructed and its ultra-modern style showed the ambition of this republic to rush towards a socialist future. In any socialist regime, architecture plays a key part in the process of building up a new social and political environment following revolutionary events. The total destruction of Pyongyang during the Korean War (1950-1953) gave Korean architects a clean slate from which to build a perfect socialist capital anew, and they seized upon that opportunity with relish. Pyongyang was designed to be a capital where every North Korean would feel like a truly modern socialist – the architecture was to speak the language of socialism and progress to all its citizens. Both the speed at which the city was constructed and its ultra-modern style showed the ambition of this republic to rush towards a socialist future.

for more info see website museum :


solar transit

It's always nice when science and art meet! This footage is made with a special telescope from my rooftop in Amsterdam. With this equipment it is possible to see the surface of the sun (all kinds of spots and prominences etc). During my observations I was surprised by a small satellite that passed. You can see a little black dot make its way through the frame.


Radio interview VPRO

Listen to the radio interview (in dutch) about my project HALF-LIFE at Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam 2014. Unseen is the international photography fair focused on undiscovered photography talent and unseen work by established photographers. Unseen, will take place from 18 to 21 September 2014 at Amsterdam's Westergasfabriek.

link: VPRO interview Eddo Hartmann



At work on a beautiful location with my green classic Mecedes 200T for VIEWBOOK. "Portfolio perfect" by Viewbook is an online platform for visual presentations. With this system you can create your own website and mobile portfolios in a few minutes. It was great to work for this company and its young team of designers in Rotterdam. See:


VPRO Zomergasten

A cover for the VPRO gids july 2014. Once every summer the magazine has the "Zomergasten" theme. Zomergasten has been a part of dutch television culture since 1988. The main subject of the image is the "Nordmende" TV which was bought in 1969 by my mother!


VPRO tegenlicht

"Camera" cover for VPRO magazine. The image is an intro to a new episode of "tegenlicht" VPRO‘s weekly, 50-minute, Future Affairs- program. This time about digital sabotage. An old wide angle lens of a 8mm cine camera was used to get the right "spionage" effect. Of course HAL 9000 from 2001: a space odyssey was a big inspiration...

For more info "Tegenlicht" see website: VPRO Tegenlicht


Jeroen van Merwijk

Jeroen van Merwijk (1958) portraits for Volkskrant Magazine

Dutch artist in cabaret, singer-song-writer and painter! This oracle see things that are invisible to others. Fifteen years ago, he was one of the first on the feminization of society. In his conferences and songs he shows his love for animals and people with disabilities... It was graat fun to have him balance an old radio in my studio!


Singular Oscillations

A recent article about the work of artist Bradley Pitts. Some of the images in the "Space" section of this website were made during his art project "Singular Oscillations". This project is an attempt to know the oscillating space of parabolic-flight in its own right rather than use it to understand its effect on other phenomena. This involved a flight in the notorious Russian "Vomit comet" (it's a suitable nickname I can tell you that). The project is a collaboration between Bradley Pitts, Projekt Atol Flight Operations, and the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center Moscow. See article: The creators project


Laurens ten Dam

Portrait of cyclist Lauren ten Dam made just after a training in Maastricht. Published in Volkskrant 14 dec 2013. A native of the village of Zuidwolde in Groningen. He has been racing since 2002. It was a very wet and cold day in early november. He did not like standing in a forest for a long time but it came out just right!!



Lunapark latest CD release "A beautiful bed to lie down in". With artwork made at the high regions of California. See the images in the "Commisions" section of this website. Lunapark was founded in 2009 by Arnold Marinissen and Anthony Fiumara.The name of the group stands for the mechanical aspect in the works it performs. More info:



Some recent work for the VPRO magazine. A nice "fish theme" and the IDFA 2013 program. A collection of covers for the VPRO by different artists at: VPRO coverwork



Lotje IJzermans recommends the exhibition "De Herontdekking Van De Wereld" at Museum Huis Marseille Amsterdam. She highlights the project Here lives my home. For more information:


Photonic Orchestra

At work with homemade Zoötroop and Phenakistiscope at the try-out performance by Photonic Orchestra at the W139 gallery in Amsterdam 2 November 2013 (Museumnacht). Photonic Orchestra is a group of musicians and visual artists integrating music, light, color, graphics, light-sculptures and analogue animation into a multi-media live show. Participating artists: Sonja van Hamel, Jochem van der Spek and Jur de Vries. A impression on VIMEO by Arno Bosma.


Music Video Tini Thomsen

Music video "Step and Run" made for Tini Thomson. A coproduction with Sonja van Hamel. Katharina Thomsen started playing the saxophone because of the movie
 "Some like it hot“, deeply in love with Tony Curtis, at the age of 13. She started with the tenor sax but after discovering that it can be lower she switched to the baritone at the age of 15. Three years later playing in
the Landesjugendjazzorchester Hamburg, Nils Gessinger Band, Bujazzo and Glenn Miller Orchestra. More on Tini: